The Future of Biometric Payments

Biometric payments are some of the best and most advanced forms of payment. In coming years, there are new developments that will change the course of biometrics in general. The future of biometric payments is very bright, and with the right approach, users will be able to take full advantage.

What is Reinforcement Learning?

Reinforcement Learning can be described as a form of machine learning and is also a branch of Artificial Intelligence. It is able to allow machines to determine the ideal behavior in a specific context to maximize performance. The agent can then keep this behavior once learned or it can keep adapting based on its environment. It basically acts like a human. It learns through rewards. This is all done using many different algorithms.

Researchers Unveil Sprayable Nano Tech for Testing Structural Integrity

Thanks to a team of scientists from Hong Kong, it is now possible to constantly monitor the structural integrity of any object and detect damage in real time. The technology is based on a network of conductive nanocomposite materials, which are sprayed onto structures like a layer of paint. Due to its low production costs, the "sprayable" nano-tech can drastically improve safety standards of buildings, train tracks and even airplanes.

Python as a First Programming Language

Coding has already established itself as the most in-demand skill of the 21st century, with calls to teach the skill in greater detail being heard from coast to coast. Luckily, for those who want to learn the skill later in life, there is no need to go back to school. A number of free or low-cost solutions exist. That does not answer the question of what the best beginning coding language is, however. While different people may have different needs, there is a solution for those who wish to learn a language that is powerful yet beginner-friendly: Python.

The Biggest Tech Schools in the United States

The US is known for having some of the best educational institutions in the world. One of the specialties of US colleges are the tech programs offered. Technology centered jobs are certainly not going anywhere and are only on the rise around the globe. If you have some tech savviness and are interested in a career in the tech world, one of the biggest tech schools in the United States may be your next choice of action.